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A moment with Sherry

  • 90Days
  • 7Steps


We are dedicated to providing you with life-changing empowering enlightening, enriching, giving strength hope, inspiration, methods. For women and teenagers, and individuals who maybe currently suffering in silence from previous childhood even adulthood trauma. Molestations, rejection, low self-esteem, low self-worth physical and psychological abuse. Emotional abuse and are suffering because they may have experienced having an abortion. Our techniques and methods are love. “The love factor“ is what we call it. Each of our self-enriching courses for a small fee is a tool and a resource to aid in healing from the inside out. Freeing individuals from the hurt of the past. Taking authority over what has held them in agony so long. That coupled with our podcast segments which we believe will be life-changing for the better. Are designed with you in mind. Additional features we aim in giving hope with are our motivational inspirational and encouragement merchandise. As we walk on this journey together becoming a new you and me. Life can be so much better because we take the time to have a moment. Healing from the inside out emotionally. We also outsource with additional resources if needed. Let us help you. Just to name a list of professional services we offer includes but are not limited to is a glamour team which includes Mua hair stylists wardrobe stylists Videographers photographers event planning for your display and coming out of the shadows with the new you.

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